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English Information

I'm Vincenzo Musardo, professional tree-climber and arborist, at the moment based in Berlin.  I'm travelling a lot and I'm eager to work in different places around the world. Working with trees since 2013, I'm coming with years of experience in tree-climbing, tree care and tree felling. I want to teach and learn, exchange methods and experiences and work with different trees. 


  • SKT-A (tree-climbing)
  • SKT-B (tree-climbing and working with a chainsaw)
  • Regular safety and rescue trainings 


Tree care

  • crown reduction
  • crown care (lifting, thinning, removal of dead wood)

Tree felling 

  • from a man lift
  • climbing, controlled dismantling & rigging
  • from the ground


Contractor work

  • tree climber
  • groundsman
  • wood work and building (I used to be a carpenter)

Cat Rescue

Arborist Tree Surgeon Tree Pruning Berlin

Tree Care

Tree care and pruning for the benefit of the tree and its owner. Crown reduction, crown lifting, crown thinning and the removal of dead wood are some of my tree care services.


Do you want more sun or are you worried about falling branches on your property? Let me take a look!

Tree Felling

Tree felling in narrow spaces, e.g. in residental areas often require controlled dismantling of trees.


With special rope systems, I can lower pieces of the tree to the ground to avoid damage to surrounding buildings or other structures.  


Are you a tree surgeon and in need of an experienced climber?


I'm a reliable, safe addition to your team and bring my own equipment. Contact me for a talk!